On Friday 2nd September, Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign Secretary, indicated that the UK will continue to support the EU sanctions regime against Russia, stating that “events in Ukraine are still very worrying, and it’s important I think that we continue to keep pressure up on Russia and we see progress based on the Minsk Agreement. There can be no relaxation of that pressure until such time as we see the Minsk Agreement being advanced“.

This statement was made in Brussels, where Johnson was in talks with his EU counterparts. During these talks, Johnson stated that, notwithstanding Brexit, the UK is committed to European foreign security cooperation. Johnson reiterated that although the UK will be leaving the EU, “we are not leaving Europe“, adding that the UK Government under Prime Minister Theresa May “is absolutely committed to participation in European foreign policy cooperation and European defence and security cooperation“.


Ross Denton is a Partner in the Firm’s EU, Competition and Trade Department in London. Ross was the former head of the Firm’s International Trade and WTO Practice Group, and now serves on the Firm’s Cartel Task Force. Ross also heads up the European Trade practice for the Firm. Ross routinely advises US and Japanese multinational corporations on competition law, export controls and sanctions, customs, bribery and corruption, and public procurement. Ross is a key member of the London office Anti-Bribery and Corruption Unit. Ross regularly speaks on trade and cartel issues, and has published widely on compliance related issues. He is a member of the UK Customs Practitioners Group.

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