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Please see below for today’s update on key Brexit news items:

  • David Davis has accused the EU of trying to drag out the Brexit talks to try to get more money out of the UK, as he urged other countries to allow negotiations to move on to discussions about trade. The Brexit secretary said the UK was ready to start discussions on the future relationship, as a deal must be struck before exit day in March 2019. (The Guardian)
  •  UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s government fears Brexit talks will break down unless the European Union (EU) gives ground at a key summit this week, according to a person familiar with her team’s views. Without a clear sign that negotiations will progress to trade and transition arrangements by December at Thursday’s summit of EU leaders, the entire Brexit process will be in danger of collapse — and senior British ministers are losing faith in the EU’s willingness to strike a deal, the person said. (The Independent)
  • These elusive solutions are meant to address what the UK sees as EU intransigence in moving to the next stage of Brexit negotiations: trade and transitions agreements. For now the talks remain at stage one – agreeing the rough outline of a divorce deal, including what happens to Northern Ireland’s borders, to EU citizens in the UK and vice versa and how big a divorce bill the UK will pay. (BBC News)
  • The Treasury has flatly rejected calls for a second EU referendum after the west’s leading economic think tank, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, said reversing the decision to leave would significantly benefit the economy. “We are leaving the EU and there will not be a second referendum,” the Treasury said in a terse statement that reflected the government’s unhappiness with the OECD’s intervention. (The Guardian)

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