Labour warns Theresa May it will not back Brexit deal in crunch vote (The FT)

• Labour warned Mrs. May that it will not support her Brexit deal in a vote in June unless the prime minister makes more concessions, including on guaranteeing any cross-party agreement is “Boris-proof”.

• Labour is concerned that a Eurosceptic Conservative successor to Theresa May, particularly Boris Johnson, could endanger any compromise deal agreed by the government and the opposition party.

• Theresa May told Jeremy Corbyn yesterday that she would ask MPs to vote on June 4 or 5 on the withdrawal agreement bill that would implement the divorce agreement with Brussels.

Stephen Barclay says PM’s deal is ‘dead’ if bill fails (The BBC)

• The prime minister’s Brexit deal will be “dead” if the withdrawal bill does not pass in the Commons in June, Stephen Barclay has said. • Mr Barclay said the bill will be considered by MPs in the week beginning 3 June. • He said if the plan is rejected by MPs, the UK will face no deal, or Article 50 could be revoked.

• But Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman has said Labour would not support the bill if no cross-party agreement were reached.

• Attempts to find a cross-party compromise began after Mrs May’s Brexit deal, the withdrawal agreement that was negotiated with the EU, was rejected three times by MPs.


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