UK’s election shutdown to limit Brexit readiness campaignsMLex

  • UK businesses won’t for now get detailed guidance from the government about a potential no-deal Brexit in January, as the upcoming general election has triggered rules that prevent the use of the civil service for functions that may benefit the incumbent party.
  • Under the rules, which come into force tonight ahead of the Dec. 12 election, the government is unable to resume the high-profile “Get Ready for Brexit” poster campaign, UK officials have said.
  • The government will also be restrained from consulting businesses on regulatory changes that may be needed swiftly after a no-deal exit.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said his focus is on ratifying a revised Brexit agreement, if he is able to form a majority government. But the UK government’s current guidance is that a no-deal exit is still possible in January 2020, or at the end of a transition period scheduled to end in December 2020.
  • EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned today that the “risk of a cliff edge remains” while negotiations remain open. “We should all remain vigilant and prepared for that possible outcome,” he said.

General election 2019: Tories and Labour clash over Brexit promisesBBC

  • Labour’s promise to “get Brexit sorted” within six months of winning power has been dismissed as “fairy tale politics” by the Conservatives in the first clash of the election campaign on the issue.
  • In a speech in Essex, Jeremy Corbyn said his plan to get a better deal and then put it to the public in another referendum was “clear and simple”.
  • He said a deadline to hold the vote next summer was “realistic and doable”.
  • But the Tories said Labour’s plan would result in “paralysing uncertainty”.
  • However, the Conservative commitment to negotiate a new free trade deal with the EU in just over a year is also coming under scrutiny.
  • It took seven years for the EU to conclude a free trade deal with Canada, an agreement which many Brexiteers see as a template for the UK. Any deal would need to be agreed by all 27 remaining EU states before it could come into force.

Michel Barnier raises prospect of extending Brexit transition until 2022 despite Tory denialsThe Independent

  • Michel Barnier has raised the prospect of the Brexit transition period being extended until 2022, heaping pressure on one of the core messages of Boris Johnson’s election campaign.
  • Today, the EU’s chief negotiator warned that the prime minister would face a “moment of truth” in the summer of next year and suggested that talks might not be concluded by then.
  • Cabinet minister Liz Truss had said on Monday night that “we will not be extending the Brexit transition period beyond 2020”, arguing that “the British people have waited long enough for Brexit”.

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