Many firms ‘have not considered Brexit effect’BBC

  • The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) have found that only 52% of internationally-trading firms have conducted a risk assessment ahead of the end of the transition period.
  • Adam Marshall (the BCC’s director general) said businesses have “significant unanswered questions” and need the government to “ramp up engagement with business urgently”.
  • “Despite recent public information campaigns, base levels of preparedness are low. Many firms say they’ve heard talk of deadlines and cliff-edges before, and others are still grappling with fundamental challenges as a result of the pandemic.”
  • Other key issues highlighted by the BCC include firms not knowing what rules of origin will apply, how food and drink sold in the EU and Norther Ireland should be labelled and how goods will move from Britain to Northern Ireland.
  • The data comes from a survey the BBC conducted  between 17 and 21 August and consists of responses from 527 firms.

Brexit: NHS put on no-deal planning alert, letter revealsIndependent

  • In a letter sent by Professor Keith Willett (NHS official in charge of planning the UK’s exit) hospitals have been told to get ready for disruption following the end of the transition period and to nominate a “senior responsible officer” for no-deal preparations.
  • Last month the government wrote to medicine suppliers urging them to stockpile drugs in case of a no-deal scenario. Previous stockpiles were “used up entirely” as a result of the coronavirus and it may not be possible to restock in time.
  • It is expected that supply chains will continue to be disrupted after the end of the transition period, as being outside of the EU will result in “a battery of new regulatory and customs barriers to trade”.

Don’t expect a sudden breakthrough on Brexit – FT

  • David Frost and Michael Barnier are expected to meet in London this week ahead of the formal round on Monday, but there is decreasing hope for a breakthrough.
  • Although the EU have softened its original stance on state aid, in order for the UK to secure a “zero tariff, zero quota” FTA it must offer a level playing field that is commensurate with the “geographic proximity and economic interdependence” of the UK with the EU.
  • The author, Peter Foster, argues that the UK rejects the idea of a “shared philosophy” and instead wants an independent WTO based regime with a UK regulator to manage any internal market issues and for any disputes with the EU to be resolved after the fact (by imposing tariffs).
  • “If Mr Johnson really does want a Canada-style deal — which includes tariffs, quotas and very little on services — then no deal is one way to get it. And the internal market bill will have been a brutal, unilateral “fix” to the problem of Northern Ireland.”

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